eBay for Brewing

Is eBay a Good Resource for your Brewing Needs?

Should I build my brew house from materials at the hardware store? Is it better to shop at my local home brew store? Or can I trust eBay for my needs?

I have spent a large amount of money and a good deal of time buying brewing equipment and supplies, and much of my current brewing systems were supplied by eBay sellers. eBay is a great resource if you are looking for a good deal, second-hand brewing equipment, or if you don’t have a home brew supplier near you. But there are several things you need to know first.


eBay is an enormous, international marketplace, so people from all over the world are competing for your business. This opens up several opportunities, such as:

new cornelius keg

  • International shipping – get your items no matter where you are
  • Multiple languages
  • Find some great deals
  • Huge range of choice
  • Trustworthy review system
  • Shop with PayPal
  • Compare products and suppliers fast

Just to name a few. If you haven’t bought any of your gear on eBay yet, take a quick search for yourself. There are literally thousands of beer and brewing-related products available.


used cornelius keg

Of course, there is a dark side to eBay, especially for brewers. But, if you use the pages on this website as a guide, you should be able to deal with the following:

  • Very little customer support – generally, when you buy something on eBay, you’re on your own
  • Occasional scammers or bad sellers
  • No way to test products
  • Items may be ‘as described,’ but missing key information
  • Shipping can become expensive for heavy/large items

Alternatives to eBay

  • old shopLocal home brew supplier. Whenever possible, please show your support for local businesses that support the world of beer and brewing. Also, home brew shop staff are a great source of information.
  • Brewing – specific online retailer. Usually a cost-effective option, but sometimes more expensive than eBay (though not always). Try Homebrewing.org.

Stay Safe!


Do your research on any given product before you buy from eBay. Much of my current equipment was purchased from eBay sellers, but so was much of the stuff I had to throw out.

Also be sure to test your new stuff before you give feedback. That one is a double-pro tip!


Do you need help with eBay purchases? Have a story about buying on eBay? Leave a comment if you have any questions or want to share feedback.

8 thoughts on “eBay for Brewing

  1. That is great advice. I do think you take a chance when buying used but I have gotten some great deals too. It can be expensive buying all new equipment but so far we have gotten good stuff. I always check for the worst reviews first to see what that is about and then go from there. If a lot of complaints about that person I move on. Great article!

    • Than you very much Tammy, that’s actually a very good point. Finding out what is available by poor reviews then using good reviews is an excellent strategy

  2. Some great tips here. The one time I feel comfortable buying anything from Ebay is if the seller has a good rating, upwards of 98%. It’s always a good idea to read other people’s reviews first before buying, I have also come across sellers on ebay who were actually quite helpful and willing to discuss the product (although this is rare).

    I would probably be more likely to buy a brewing kit from the Brewing website.

    Thanks for the helpful article.


    • Hi Hannah,
      In the early days a brewing site is a safer option. Once you are more farmiliar with your process and techniques, ebay becomes a more viable option.

      Try my review of Homebrewing.org here:


  3. Hi there,

    This is exactly what I was looking for.
    Thanks for the info.
    This year I made my first home-made red vine (after 2 years of thinking and planning). And Im just thinking to try my first home-made beer.
    So thanks a lot, You motivated me again.

    Keep up the good work.

    • That’s what it’s all about, Ravel!
      Don’t worry too much about the planning with beer, for the first few you should just dive in and have a try.

  4. Hi Jesse
    Thank you for writing this article. I was unsure about whether it is wise to source my brewing supplies from eBay. After reading your article I still am, but now I know there is always some risk shopping online. With the amount of money I can save, I think I will just take the chance.

    • Hi David, thank you for your reply. You are always welcome to ask for further advice on this site, so if you are undsure when looking for your next item, please just ask.

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