Craft Beer Revolution

photo by Paul Joseph

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Craft beer has taken back a huge slice of the global beer market. We brewers and beer lovers rally behind the flag of craft beer, refusing to submit to the will of the macro-brewed oppressors.

Freedom to Choose!

With a huge swath of independent craft beers now available, how do you know what to try and what to avoid? These craft beer reviews will offer tasting notes and comparisons so you can find your perfect winning beer, made by professionals. Find the reviews here.

Freedom of Expression!

Do you need to let the world know about your new favorite elixir? Do you need to warn us of a dangerous brew? Leave a comment, comrade, and show us the way! (No advertising and no spam, please.)

Sampling beers in style at Spinnakers, by Paul Joseph

But I’m Just a Civilian, What Can I Do?

Need advice on a difficult decision? Never fear, comrade! Ask the proletariat and let the people show you the way.



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