Online Homebrew Supplies: Review of HOMEBREWING.ORG

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Online Homebrew Suppliers review


If you can’t use a local brewing equipment supplier, you will most likely turn to an online home brew supplies. Adventures in Homebrewing, located at, has a good range at good prices. But how do they compare to other online homebrew shops?

Range: 4/5Good Batch Guaranteed!

Price: 3/5

Service: 4/5

Shipping: 4/5

Security: 5/5

AIH verticalPros:

  • International delivery
  • Cheaper than most homebrew shops
  • Frequent sales and promotions
  • Rewards system
  • Access to customer support, before and after the sale
  • Very helpful (website and staff!)
  • Good range
  • Shipping calculator
  • Multiple payment options, including PayPal
  • Site is verified secure and payment system is safe


  • Shipping can become expensive
  • Cost slightly more than Amazon or eBay (in some cases)

What I Love about Adventures in Homebrewing:

They are one of my favorite suppliers whenever I am away from a local home brew store. Their site is easy to use, the staff are quick to answer questions, and they will ship to any location.


I love that they provide international shipping, even though they are based in the USA. They use UPS for rapid service.

Rewards Program

I’m not usually into rewards program, but I make an exception for brewing products as I tend to buy so much brewing stuff. Adventures in Homebrewing offers 1 point per dollar spent, and you can spend your points on gift certificates. It works out to a bonus 5%, which really adds up for brewers!

AIH have a great range of recipe kits

AIH have a great range of recipe kits

Sales and Promotion

Adventures in Homebrewing has sales and free shipping promotions all the time, which are great to snap up while you are on the site.

Be sure to check out their free shipping on brewing kits!

User Friendliness

The website is easy to use and even features a How to Brew page. They have two fixed locations you can visit for assistance if you live in the USA. There is also a dedicated customer support phone number and email address.

If you do get stuck, emails are usually answered within one business day.

What I Hate About Adventures in Homebrewing

The cost of shipping makes it too expensive to use AIH for any small or last-minute purchases.

Shipping Cost

When purchasing overseas, you need to plan ahead. Get everything you expect to need for the next few months, if you can. You can see my guide to keeping hops fresh here.

Online Homebrew Suppliers reviewVERDICT:

The cost is usually higher than eBay or Amazon but lower than most fixed location stores. They have a distinct advantage over other online retailers in that they ship to any country and you can still get access to great advice and customer service. And if you haven’t already done so, And if you haven’t already, check out their Good Batch Guarantee!

This winning combination is what keeps bookmarked as one of my favorite international suppliers.


Would you like to share your experience with using Adventures in Homebrewing, or have any questions about suppliers? Leave a comment!

6 thoughts on “Online Homebrew Supplies: Review of HOMEBREWING.ORG

  1. Hey there!
    Cool review, I didn’t know about that company, I’m seriously starting to think about making my own beer your website will be helpful for me, i will save it in my browser, As you recommend i will look for local suppliers, I live in Mexico and if i buy from this website It could be a little bit expensive, but It’s very helpful they have a shipping calculator. Thanks for the info.

    • Hi Mario,

      Thanks very much for your comment. You are right, it could get costly to ship to Mexico – but if you are buying your whole kit from them you might find the extra cost is worth the security of knowing you have everything you need.

      You could also try eBay for Brewing in case there is a supplier closer to you.


  2. What a TERRIFIC site. I have you bookmarked and will be forwarding to friends. I am serious about my beers (ales, micros, stouts, suds, lagers, brewskies, et al), as are my friends. We are forever trying something new and exciting (the latest is cooking with beer).

    Love your deep knowledge and will be following regularly. Good looking site, too. Keep up the good work!

    • Thank you very much Loretta!

      I recommend using the lees from a stout or porter as a bread starter. Tastes great, goes very well with cheese and pickles.


  3. Great, honest review about Homebrew supplies… thank you for sharing!!
    I like that you’ve included pros AND cons – as well as a simple, easy to read ratings system based on a number of different criteria. The explanations behind your points systems are also very handy 🙂
    Thanks again!

    • Thanks Zoe!

      It’s important to know what the cons are as well as the pros – nothing is worse to a brewer than realising you don’t have the right stuff part-way through a batch.


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