Ask a Brewer

If you have questions or comments about making beer, please leave a comment. I will answer all questions as accurately as I can. If you have any insights to share on any topic, or you can answer a question better than I can, please feel free to weigh in! Scroll down to ask your question in […]

Plastic Conical Fermenters: Are They Worth It?

What’s the Difference? The traditional, flat-bottomed fermenters used by home brewers are rarely temperature-controlled, and many home brewers will skip the secondary fermentation. However, using plastic conical fermenters allows home brewers to replicate the accuracy and precision of a commercial brewery with far greater ease. While the basic principles of fermentation are the same, the […]

How to Chill Beer Fast

We Were Serving Warm Glasses of Foam Several of my friends and I are known for throwing big home brew parties that last several days. We all provide as much home brew as we can for our guests, a combined effort that usually comes to around 1,000 liters over a weekend. IIt’s not uncommon for […]

Using the Igloo Cooler Mash Tun

Upping Your Game If you’ve been brewing with kit beers or extracts, or even all grain mashing using a Brew In A Bag system, you will soon be thinking about taking the step up to making your own all-grain brew house. While you can go for a large, multi-vessel brew house, a simple cooler can […]

How to Improve Kit Beer

How-To Guide and Galaxy Pale Ale Recipe Home brew kit beer doesn’t have to be looked down upon by experienced brewers and beer drinkers. In fact, many of the kit beers available are carefully developed recipes, produced by experienced breweries and condensed into cans for you to use with ease. Unfortunately, often times they are […]

Grassy India Pale Ale Review

Ise Kadoya A Japanese craft brewery from Ise presents the Grassy India Pale Ale. The short brown bottle and high-gloss (and shiny!) label are instantly eye catching. The name is immediately evocative of European noble hops added late in the process. Beer Specs Alcohol Content: 6% ABV IBU: Not Given Style: India Pale Ale Presentation […]

Punk IPA Review

Brewdog PUNK IPA in a Can The classic in-your-face blue Punk IPA label now surrounds an entire can in a very appealing visual effect. At first glance, the canned version appears to be a ‘straight to export’ product, with Japanese and several European languages directly on the can itself. But is it the same winning […]

Online Homebrew Supplies: Review of HOMEBREWING.ORG

  If you can’t use a local brewing equipment supplier, you will most likely turn to an online home brew supplies. Adventures in Homebrewing, located at, has a good range at good prices. But how do they compare to other online homebrew shops? Range: 4/5 Price: 3/5 Service: 4/5 Shipping: 4/5 Security: 5/5 Pros: International delivery Cheaper […]

Types of Malt Extract

The Basic Categories: Malt is extracted into two forms, dry malt extract (DME) and liquid malt extract (LME). These two categories are then divided into many types, each with different colors and flavors. You may find recipes that call for only LME, only DME, or for both types of malt extract. The ‘kit beers’ that […]