Brooklyn Lager Review

“Pre-Prohibition Lager”

Brooklyn Lager is a beer that is extremely difficult to define. Even the producer, the excellent Brooklyn Brewery, alternates between claiming this beer is an Amber Lager and a Vienna Lager, and also occasionally adds phrases such as British dry hopping and American Original.

It’s all very vague and could be confusing – however the beer itself is anything but. This is one of the most well-balanced new world beers I’ve had, despite its unique and indefinable style. It’s a hard beer to define, but here is my best attempt at a Brooklyn Lager review:

Beer Specs20160117_143232

Alcohol Content: 5.2% ABV

IBU: Not Given

Style: Umm… New World Pilsner?


Despite the description from the Brooklyn Brewery, this is not really all that amber. It’s more of an attractive deep gold, with a dense, dazzling white head that fades fairly fast but leaves traces of lace clinging to the glass. There is a light haze present which can be reduced through careful storage and serving techniques.


Sweet malt and clipped grass. The forward aroma is very slight when chilled, but builds significantly as the glass warms to ambient temperature. Not much of a hoppy aroma, just enough to invite a taste.


The first sip instantly immerses the drinker in a full-bodied, malt-driven lager – not quite an Oktoberfest, not quite an amber ale. The malt profile and subtle hop presence really cry out for a style of their own. It is full-bodied like Czech strong pilsner, but deceptively so at only 5.2% alcohol. The spicy hop palate is instantly notable, with the robust hop flavors of an American pale ale, yet spicy and grassy in the Noble Hop vein of artisanal German lagers.

Considering the rich first impression, the finish is surprisingly dry, with an excellently balanced bitterness that is light but lingers on, crying out for a second glass.


This is an excellent offering from the Brooklyn Brewery. It combines the best of the old world lagers with modern tastes, creating a perfectly balanced beer that is suitable for most occasions.

Recommended For:

This beer goes with almost any food match. Personal favorites include soft cheeses with plain crackers, German style meat platters, summer salads, oysters, and other rich seafood.


I hope you have the chance to try one of these for yourself, and that my review has proven useful to you. Please do leave a comment, and be sure to check out my other reviews here.



6 thoughts on “Brooklyn Lager Review

    • Thank you very much Kalie!

      I also have a facebook page where I usually post updates and new articles from this site – you are welcome to check it out, just click the blue facebook icon at the top right of the page.


  1. No way !

    That is so awesome!

    Never tried the beer but it sounds like Iam going to try it out soon! This was one of the nicest and shortest posts I have ever read. I like all kinds of beers, but mostly mine is weihenstephaner. Tried that one ?

    Thanks for the post dude 🙂

    • Hi Alexey,

      Yeah my second professional brewing job was with a bunch of German brewers, they made sure I tried Weihenstephaner 🙂 It’s a great beer, not really my thing but one of those biers that basically invented a whole style.

      Thanks for your comment and I hope you enjoy the site!

  2. Personally, I have always enjoyed lager beers because they are clean-tasting and crisp. I definitely prefer them over ale beers which, to me are a bit fruity.

    But, as much as I like lagers, I have never tried the Brooklyn Lager. I have, however, had my share of other brands.

    Do you prefer the Brooklyn American Amber Lager over the Brooklyn American Pale Ale?


    • That really depends on my mood! There are a lot of factors in choosing a favourite. Everything from the setting and presentation to the food you’ve eaten that day, even the company you are with!

      Today, I’ll go with the Pale Ale. As it cools down this afternoon, my preference may shift to the Amber Ale 😀



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