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Do you have a question, but it’s not about beer or brewing? Maybe you are into food or wine, or even have a new type of equipment to discuss?

Ask your questions and vent your spleen here.

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5 thoughts on “Ask Something Unrelated

  1. I have considered myself a social drinker, but when it is time to sit and relax and enjoy a cold beverage, i’ve found myself always opting for red wine. However i enjoy a selection of alcoholic beverages.

    Your information is great. Very intresting actually. I’ve found it very useful. Considering im not an alcohol enthusiats i’ve looked into your site and found helpful interesting infomation.

    This is great

  2. Hi, I like your artickles. But my question will be about equipment which will let me to have draught beer at home? Some small and nice but allow me to put a nice pint of beer in it? I need present for my husband 😉 maybe you can suggest something? Thanks

    • Absolutely – there are a bunch of Japanese-made “Draft Beer Machines” that fit a single 500mL can – you can try eBay on this link to find them.

      If eBay is no good in your country, please let me know and I will give you some suppliers in your location 🙂

  3. Haha good topic. What would you say is the strongest choice for our future president? Who do you think will be able to truly lead the country in a direction that is not only prosperous, but looks out for the average american citizen as well. Haha I’m not so sure about either democrats or republicans.

    • Who’s country? America? Not sure, sorry. I’m an Australian living in Asia.

      10 points for humour though!

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