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Contact: Dave
Home Shop 1 283A Miller Street (that’s under the Grand Stand at North Sydney Oval) North Sydney NSW 2060 Australia Work Phone: (02) 9460 0526 Website: Dave\’s Home Brew
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Language: English only

Products: You may not find every brand of every item, but you’ll find the most practical and robust of everything. Dave himself has used every type of item he stocks.

Costs: Higher than some, but you get full access to Dave (He is a MASTER of brewing knowledge.)

Shipping: Uses Australia Post rates. Will ship anywhere, be prepared to pay.

Dave’s Home Brew is my all-time favourite homebrew supplier. Dave will happily tell you not to buy his products and give you solid advice on how to achieve the same effect for less money by doing it yourself. He will then happily charge you the full rate when you come back with a broken home project and decide to take his initial recommendation.

He is some kind of cross between a Communist Brewer and an Uber Capitalist. He is based in North Sydney, Australia.


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