Nippon Craft Beer Festival 2016

The Nippon Craft Beer Festival 2016 took place on Easter Saturday and Easter Sunday at Sumida-ku Town Hall, on the banks of the Sumida River in Tokyo, Japan. Within view was the famous Asahi building, with its distinctive ‘Asahi Flame’ visible from the windows. The entry fee was quite steep at ¥4,500 per person (about […]

Grassy India Pale Ale Review

Ise Kadoya A Japanese craft brewery from Ise presents the Grassy India Pale Ale. The short brown bottle and high-gloss (and shiny!) label are instantly eye catching. The name is immediately evocative of European noble hops added late in the process. Beer Specs Alcohol Content: 6% ABV IBU: Not Given Style: India Pale Ale Presentation […]

Punk IPA Review

Brewdog PUNK IPA in a Can The classic in-your-face blue Punk IPA label now surrounds an entire can in a very appealing visual effect. At first glance, the canned version appears to be a ‘straight to export’ product, with Japanese and several European languages directly on the can itself. But is it the same winning […]

Craft Beer Revolution

Join the Revolution Craft beer has taken back a huge slice of the global beer market. We brewers and beer lovers rally behind the flag of craft beer, refusing to submit to the will of the macro-brewed oppressors. Freedom to Choose! With a huge swath of independent craft beers now available, how do you know […]