Man Can – Beer Mini Kegs – Beer With Manliness!

Author’s Note: 

Despite the name, I believe that the Man Can Beer mini kegs would also be perfectly suitable for female craft beer enthusiasts. The fact that I don’t know any women with a Man Can only proves that I need more female beer nerds as friends.

Stainless Steel Beer Growler / Mini Keg Beer Dispenser

Once you start kegging your beer, you quickly realize there is a sudden inability to take your beer to parties and events without needing to drag an entire Cornelius (i.e. homebrew) keg with you. Using mini-kegs, beer can be transported and served with ease and style, however you are likely to pay upwards of $200 unless you can get lucky in a second-hand purchase. Growlers, both glass and stainless steel, are another good option. However, you need a means of filling them without losing carbonation and you have to be committed to drinking the entire two liters in a single sitting.

The Man Can beer dispenser is an excellent solution. Stylish, innovative, practical and much more affordable, they provide all the convenience of a Cornelius keg with the portability of a growler.

stainless steel beer growlerStainless Steel Growlers

Steel growlers have been a favorite of mine for some time, especially the jacketed ones which are against heat. They are robust, reusable, and aren’t too heavy on the pocket.

The only problem is carbonation. As you drink your way through a growler it becomes steadily less gassy. At a half gallon (two liters, for those of us using the metric system), one needs to be committed to drinking an entire six pack, or else face a seriously under-gassed beer at your next sitting.

mini kegs beerBeer Mini Kegs

Mini-kegs are fantastic. With a couple of extra attachments, you can turn a mini-keg into a five liter wonder of the world, pouring your winning beer straight from the tap, absolutely anywhere. Bonus points apply if you have rigged up a custom chilly bin for the purpose.

There are two major issues with mini-kegs, however. One is the use of CO2 bulbs – most available chargers which fit the standard CO2 bulb do not have any way to attach a regulator. This means you are dispensing and/or carbonating your beer at randomly guessed pressures, which causes irregular results. It also causes your friends to bug you to “fix the beer” at every party you attend.

The second issue is the price. Mini-kegs are made of stainless steel and have been developed and manufactured almost exclusively for the homebrew market. Unlike Cornelius kegs, which were designed and heavily produced for soft drinks in the catering industry, you are unlikely to buy a mini keg (and all its fittings) brand new. Even if you buy a mini-keg on eBay, expect a hefty price tag.

mini keg beer dispenserMan Can Beer Dispenser

The Man Can combines the ease, portability, and low cost of a stainless steel growler with the high performance serving capabilities of a completely regulated mini-keg beer dispenser setup. There are actually a few different models to choose from, which I suspect are irreverently named after the Commodore 64/128 computers of the 1980s. Gotta love beer nerds!

mini keg beer dispenserPerfect Pour Regulator

The coolest thing about the Man Can is their dispensing system. Once you attach the dispenser to any Man Can, it becomes a marvel of home brew technology, with different styles of taps to choose from.

What makes the system so amazing, though, is the Perfect Pour Regulator. Man Can have actually developed a tiny, two-stage regulator powered by CO2 bulbs that keeps unused beer completely gassed up and serving perfectly every time!

stainless steel beer growlerMan Can 64

The Man Can 64 is a basic 1/2 gallon micro-keg with a sealed, no spill top. It has the same issue as growlers, in that you will lose carbonation unless you drink it quickly, but it is extremely rugged and fits in a fridge door. Plus, it is perfectly designed to accept the Man Can dispensing systems.

At just $40, it should be mandatory for every home brewer with a Cornelius keg, but it’s even better as the little brother to the existing Man Can 128, for when you want to take less beer around with you.

man can beerMan Can 128 – Flex Kit

This is where things start to get interesting. The Flex kit includes the Man Can 128, a full 1 gallon (4 liter) mini-keg, complete with a picnic tap and Perfect Pour regulator. It also has enough CO2 and cleaning supplies to get you through the first couple of uses.

For $195, this beast holds one quarter of your standard 20 liter batch and does a much better job of it than any other mini-keg I have seen on the market.

beer mini kegsMan Can 128 – Machismo Kit

Are you feeling a little un-manly? Beard not growing out right? The Machismo kit comes with 50% added Hipster to turn your Man Can 128 into the discerning, dapper gentleman’s must-have portable beverage assistant.

For $265, your Man Can comes with a gloriously polished 304 grade stainless steel bar tap and Perfect Pour regulator. It’s the Man Can 128, but much, much sexier.

man can beerLike What You See?

Head over to the Man Can Beer website and take a look. In addition to the unique approach to transporting small amounts of beer, they have all the extras you can think of.

These are truly spectacular mini-keg beer dispensers, so check them out. The clever scoundrels have even come up with a gift card system!

mini kegs beerCHEERS

We’ve made some fun of hipsters today, and used the word “man” to such a degree that it has lost all meaning to me, but it’s all in the name of having a laugh, as well as sharing one of my favorite beer packaging/serving products available.

If you would like to know more, or you have any stories to share, please leave a comment below!

16 thoughts on “Man Can – Beer Mini Kegs – Beer With Manliness!

  1. Very entertaining and informative post. I have been investigating trying some home beer brewing myself and your post made me more interested! One of the things I have wondered about are storage and dispensing options since I do not drink a lot of beer but am fascinated with the idea of making it. How long do you think the beer would last in the ManCan 64?

    • Hi Scott, I really hope you do give brewing a try, it’s one of the most satisfying pastimes I ‘ve ever been involved with!

      The beauty of the Man Can 64 is the total seal. If you have followed proper sanitation procedures, your bill will last as long as it would in any bottle or keg – for most Pale Ales or Lagers you could expect about 6 months.

      If you wanted to drink some but store the rest, you should consider getting the Flex kit to go with it. Just shorten the dip-tube to fit the shorter container.

      Cheers for a great question!

  2. This is a great gift idea! You just solved some of my holiday shoppiing needs.Just to clarify…I know nothing about beer. This is only for home brewers or is this something you take to your favorite craft brewery and get filled. Sons-in -law a beer guys, I hear them talk, but I have no idea.

    • Hi Diana,

      This is intended for home brewers, but also makes an excellent refill system for any small brewery that offers growlers. If your sons-in-law are into beer, this might be an excellent gift!

  3. Now here’s a topic I can appreciate!
    I can actually see myself buying one of these, if not for the convenience, then for the conversation starter it would be. Plus, it would be a great excuse to have a few people over to try it out…lol
    After filling the growler, though…how long would it keep the carbonation before tapping into it?

    • Hi Ninja,

      It actually keeps beer fresh and carbonated indefinitely – that’s the beauty of the ManCan system! Even after you tap the beer, the small regulator makes sure your beer does not go stale or flat.


  4. I had a question. The Man Can mini keg, how do you keep the beer cold or is it just for transportation

    I ask because I was trying to think of something original to get for my husband for his 40th and I think he would love to brew his own beer and this would be a great addition. But it has to be cold. He would be fussy about that!

    • Great question, Ruth!

      The ManCan does not actually chill beer – you will want to keep it in the fridge until it is time to serve. However, the volume of liquid inside is enough to keep the beer cold for quite some time once out of the fridge.


  5. I am not a man, but I sure do love my beer. I have thought about brewing my own beer, but never really knew how to go about it. I think this handy, dandy little keg is just awesome as we have a lot of cook outs and well i need my beer. I will be following so hopefully soon I can start brewing my own custom beer soon. Cheers!

    • I love that idea! Cookouts with kegged beer – a winning combination. Thanks Barbra!

  6. That’s really cool! I can’t wait to get my new brewing system set up with those so I can share some beers outside the house. They definitely seem like a better deal than traditional home brew bottles or growlers. Do different styles of beer hold up differently in the man can?

    • Hi Todd,

      Different styles of beer do all pour differently, and they also have different shelf lives (meaning they last different lengths of time after production.) Nonetheless, if you start with a fresh and well made beer, the Man Can will keep all styles of beer fresh and pouring well!

  7. Haha, Mancans… I like that, very interesting name. I’m looking for beer related gifts … I personally know a few men in my family and even my male friends who’d be interested in owning one of these.

    Quite the party guys as well haha, I’ll get a couple of these for them, thanks for the article! 🙂 Hopefully they can use it at one of their next get togethers!

    • Thanks Sarah!

      These ManCans are good to use straight from the box (although I’d recommend a clean first) so I’m sure they can be used at the VERY next get together!


  8. Hey, I’m wondering if these could be passivated with acid? Also, I have a Deep Wood Brew Product 64oz mini keg, will the flex kit fit the threading on that? If so, could you include an addition dip tube hose to use for the 128 and 64 for extra versatility?

    • Hi Pete,

      Thank you for your enquiry. I actually have never used a Deep Wood Brew Product, so I really can’t answer that for you – my apologies. I don’t actually sell the Man Can products, but I’m sure you could ask the team at Man Can for an extra dip tube! Try them here: Man Can contacts


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